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Art in Repair


Many people think that art is something that needs to spark creativity ability. Something that comes from deep within and that people need to be on a different wavelength to understand. This is how I felt for awhile, until I became friends with a larger group of people. The people that taught me the most about art and what we consider art can be conceived from virtually any aspect of life.

My peer, a gentleman that worked for a local pool repair company,, informed me about all of the art that comes into pool repair and other jobs of that nature. In essence, it is not about fixing one part to another or moving one rock to another that makes up landscaping, but rather a grand vision for a working product or environment that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also one that functions in the manner in which it should. It becomes an art project in itself, one that virtually anyone can appreciate.

Where is the divide?

There is a crucial divide between art and labor, and one that both artists and laborers will agree on. However, the divide differs depending on who you ask. Many laborers may not claim to be artists, and many artists would claim that they aren’t laborers. However, art and labor are both something that can be placed in similar categories, in that being able to do what you enjoy and working hard to that goal.

Art is something that can be defined in virtually any way, a way in which people can agree that will differ depending on who is being asked the question. In essence, there is really no way to separate the two, and each has their own division of both hard work and creative ability. In learning this, I was able to better understand not only how laborers felt about artists, but also how artists need to feel about laborers. The next time you see a piece of art or a construction project, view them not as completely separate, but a different division of labor and creativity that is both important to how we live.

Art Appreciation


Most people say that they enjoy art, but there is a difference between enjoying art and appreciating it. And while there is no pre-judgement associated with this, there is a point to explaining the difference. Now this does not mean that a person needs to sit there and critique art in order to appreciate it, but it is important to understand what art means to people.

Long has art been a way to communicate ideas with others, and for some people, it was the only way. if you think of some of the troubled artists throughout history, you will realize that many of them needed art in order to explain their innermost feelings. And while this is not great for living in society, it did offer a boost to art that cannot be denied.

Understanding the history

By understanding the history of art, we can then begin to understand how important it is to humanity. For those that did not have the ability to communicate with others, it lent levity to their existence, and for those of us that enjoyed it, it acted as a way to further our society.

Art is a universal element to human existence and something that many people may enjoy, but lack the motivation to comprehend it. The next time you look at a piece of art, see it for more than what appears on the surface. See it as a way in which people enjoy seeing the ideas of others though they may not be able to fully comprehend them.


What art teaches us


Art is something that has been around since the beginning of humanity and something that allows us to identify as being human. Throughout time art has always been there, teaching us about the world around us and how to relate to others. From a young age, we are taught that art is a form of creative expression and that in order to fully understand what it means to be alive, we must embrace it.

In school, art is not taught at as high a priority as many other subjects, but there are people that believe it is just as important as those other subjects. Able to teach motor skills and give people a perspective on history, art is more than just about creating something beautiful, it is about understanding what makes us who we are.

So much more than entertainment

Art offers such a wide variety of skills that it is hard to imagine that anyone would want to remove it from schools. It is the best way to help children develop skills other than intellectual ones, while also teaching them culture and interpersonal interaction. If it weren’t for art, culture would not be nearly what it is today, and entertainment would not be either.

The next time you look at a piece of art, think about what it took for us to get to this point. How throughout the years, we have continued to create and hold art in a higher regard than many other things. After all, art is what makes us human.

Art history


Art history is something that me, as an artist studied not only in college, but high school as well. In fact, it was a required course in college for my degree and something that everyone in my high school was also required to take. As I grew older, I realized how important it was not only to my career but to my social life as well.

Today, college has changed drastically, and some schools have even eliminated art history as a viable path of study. And while art history is still taught in many institutions, it is something that not every person gravitates toward.

An unfortunate truth

Art is one of the first things to get cut from high school programs, and even in some colleges. As school budgets get tighter, many people decide that art history is the most expendable topic. And while this is a logical conclusion, it is showing to have negative effects on the development of students. So what can we do to preserve art while still fitting a budget? The answer is not an easy one, but one that should be considered.

The answer is to offer more extra activities that involve art in order to keep kids interested. In addition, make art history perhaps not a required course, but an elective course in high schools so that students that want to take an artistic career path an option to gain knowledge in the subject. Art history enriches our lives, and should be preserved in whatever way we find possible.

Art in its glory


Art is something that almost everyone takes an active interest in during their childhood. Whether it is doodling or something more involved, most children use art as a way to capture and explain the world around them, even when they may not know exactly what they are looking at. Art in child helps develop motor skills and encourage creative expression.

As adults, we may start to lose interest in art, mainly because only a select few individuals are able to make a living out of producing it. As there becomes more pressure to make money and raise a family; grow up essentially, there may be less time and interest in producing art.

Don’t lose the passion

It is easy to lose the passion for creating art as an adult, but I would encourage people not to lose the passion for appreciating it. Whether it is a trip to the museum every once in awhile or even just paying attention to art when you see it, there is a way to still grow up without losing the spark that helps us become better humans through art.

Of course if you want to produce art as well, that is great. In essence, once people find lucrative careers, they often go back to art as a hobby rather than a way to generate income. This is great for people to occupy their time and continue to develop their creative skills. Art does not have to be something that consumes an adult’s life, but it is something that should always be part of it.