Art in quality


Advertising is something that has always been tricky for some companies and a bane of many artists. When does it become time to sell a product rather than creating art, and where does the divide happen. Something that I have learned in my art and advertising careers is that they are pretty much the same thing and that there does not need to be a divide. Art is advertising, advertising is art.

Something that I found very interesting about this is by talking to some colleagues that work in jobs that do not rely heavily on advertising. One such company, one that specializes in pool repair Parkland. There is something about pool repair that does not scream online business, but there still needs to be consideration about online artistic advertising.

The brave new world

Something that has always struck me as strange is being an artist and advertiser that is not used to people thinking that the two are connected. I know a lot of artists and a lot of advertisers and many view the jobs as one in the same. Your art is designed to bring success to the business, and that, in itself is a work of art. Art is selling your product, and selling your product is art.

In essence, there is something to be said about advertising quality and how it speaks to consumers. Something about consumers gravitating toward your design validates you as an artist and someone that understands that the two are connected. Something strange about the job has always been that in order to succeed, you have to have the right mentality and the right outlook. By using artistic skills to sell products, you are giving yourself the skills needed to enter the new world of adverting and entering the new era of drawing customers.


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