Artistic Expression


Art is something that is universal and an important part of being a human. Ever since the beginning of humanity, art has been used to depict the world around us and communicate what we see to others. From ancient cave paintings to modern paintings, the idea is the same, that art is a vehicle for communication, a conduit for artistic expression.

In many circles in which I am a part of, there is a debate surrounding what makes an artist. For some, an artist is someone that is paid for their work, lauded for their achievements, a true artist. However, there is another set of people, myself included, that say art is anything that involves creative expression, regardless of its content and quality.

The debate goes on

Would you say that the caveman that painted the cave painting was an artist? Was he creating for the sake of praise, for respect, for fame? I would argue that no, he was simply using art as a way to show other people how he saw the world. Art is not made in a vacuum, it is meant to be seen, but then if nobody sees it, does that not make one an artist?

To me, art can be anything that helps express feeling and give insight into how a person sees the world. It could be as simple as a cave painting, or as complex as a Rembrandt. Artists, no matter where and when they exist, use their talents to help us better understand humanity as a whole.

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