Protecting property


Art is a realm of entertainment that is somewhat difficult to protect. Artists labor away to create unique pieces that in today’s day and age, can easily be enjoyed without giving compensation to the artist. In some ways, this opens the world to new art, especially the art of those that may not have a lot of exposure.

But on the other hand, better established artists may be having money taken away from them and having their work viewed without receiving adequate compensation. Then, of course, you run into the argument of how much money should artists be paid for others to enjoy their work.

The problem

The problem is that art is a living, breathing entity and should, by all accounts be created for the people. The people should have the right to enjoy art that was created for them, but artists should also be paid for their work. So where does one draw the line between proper compensation and the right for people to see art?

Well, where we are at now is not perfect but it is a start. Many services such as Spotify pay artists for the ability to use their work that the consumer then can get for free. The amount that people are paid by companies like Spotify is not all that significant, however, it is better than them giving away their art for free, which happens quite often in the digital realm. All we can do is continue to develop a model that allows both artists and people to receive what they want.

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