Fair use


In today’s digital world, art is treated much differently than it has been in the past. There is so much access to art from around the world, that it sort of becomes something that we take for grated. I mean think of just a few decades ago, there was no such thing as the Internet and art had to be created physically.

Because art is so widely available, there is a lot of space for copyright infringement. This is especially the case on YouTube, which allows people to share artMit very easily. And while intellectual property should be protected, there are limitations as to what is considered fair use.

Drawing the line

There are some owners of intellectual property that will site YouTube’s fair use laws even if their art is not the main draw of the video. Think of a game video that has copyrighted music as part of the game itself. Some vendors will hit gamers for using it in their video, even though it is part of the game.

There has to be a better way of determining what is fair use. Not only because this discourages people from creativity by limiting what they can post, but it makes it more difficult to regulate people that are using things inappropriately because there are more resources dedicated to spurious cases. And while there is no answer as to what should be done, there must be a middle ground where everyone’s intellectual property is protected.

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