Art history


Art history is something that me, as an artist studied not only in college, but high school as well. In fact, it was a required course in college for my degree and something that everyone in my high school was also required to take. As I grew older, I realized how important it was not only to my career but to my social life as well.

Today, college has changed drastically, and some schools have even eliminated art history as a viable path of study. And while art history is still taught in many institutions, it is something that not every person gravitates toward.

An unfortunate truth

Art is one of the first things to get cut from high school programs, and even in some colleges. As school budgets get tighter, many people decide that art history is the most expendable topic. And while this is a logical conclusion, it is showing to have negative effects on the development of students. So what can we do to preserve art while still fitting a budget? The answer is not an easy one, but one that should be considered.

The answer is to offer more extra activities that involve art in order to keep kids interested. In addition, make art history perhaps not a required course, but an elective course in high schools so that students that want to take an artistic career path an option to gain knowledge in the subject. Art history enriches our lives, and should be preserved in whatever way we find possible.

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