Art in its glory


Art is something that almost everyone takes an active interest in during their childhood. Whether it is doodling or something more involved, most children use art as a way to capture and explain the world around them, even when they may not know exactly what they are looking at. Art in child helps develop motor skills and encourage creative expression.

As adults, we may start to lose interest in art, mainly because only a select few individuals are able to make a living out of producing it. As there becomes more pressure to make money and raise a family; grow up essentially, there may be less time and interest in producing art.

Don’t lose the passion

It is easy to lose the passion for creating art as an adult, but I would encourage people not to lose the passion for appreciating it. Whether it is a trip to the museum every once in awhile or even just paying attention to art when you see it, there is a way to still grow up without losing the spark that helps us become better humans through art.

Of course if you want to produce art as well, that is great. In essence, once people find lucrative careers, they often go back to art as a hobby rather than a way to generate income. This is great for people to occupy their time and continue to develop their creative skills. Art does not have to be something that consumes an adult’s life, but it is something that should always be part of it.

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